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Amanda out in one of our apiaries in Metro area. Where's the snow? Photo: Jeff Lee

Late-winter feeding of the bees as spring draws near

We spent much of the weekend out with the bees, making those important late-winter checks to see who had survived and who had not. Some are thriving. But not a few are struggling. What made this weekend both enjoyable and worrisome was the extraordinarily mild weather. February can be a tough month here, both rainy […]

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Bald-faced Hornet and wasps

How we’re battling wasps and hornets around bee hives

Beekeepers face a dizzying array of pests, diseases and threats to their livestock. We spend an enormous amount of time battling the varroa mite and being on guard for American Foulbrood disease, nosema, small hive beetle and Africanized honey bees. Fortunately in our region of Western Canada we don’t have the last two problems. Yet. […]

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Honey bee swarm found on a Delta Airlines jet in 2012. It was safely removed.

Bee Swarm Season is here: what to do if you see one

This is the season now for honey bee swarms, and if you’ve ever seen one, it can be an impressive sight. What to do with a swarm depends upon who you are: Homeowner or business owner Municipality or first responder Beekeeper First of all, don’t panic. Swarming is a natural phenomenon for honey bees and […]

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John WIlson, president and CEO of Rollins Inc. the parent company of Orkin, the pest control company. He recently appeared on the CBS show Undercover Boss, which included a segment on the killing of a honey bee colony.

Why is Orkin, the pest control company, still killing bees? UPDATED

In this day and age when there is enormous discussion internationally about the plight of bees, it’s astonishing that there are still pest control companies that consider apis mellifera a pest. Most right-thinking people, when faced with a swarm of bees, call the local municipality or beekeeper to help them. I don’t normally run into […]

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The neighbour's ornamental plum tree is just starting to bloom, offering some nectar and pollen for our reviving bees.

On winter survival and making spring nucleus colonies

I love that proverb “In like a lion, out like a lamb“. It’s meant to signify the final taming of winter as we head into spring. Unfortunately around here, this last week has been something akin to “in like a lion, out like a lion cub.” Cold, blustery, and still swatting the bees around a […]

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Wasp on water

On swarming bees and mistaken picnic marauders

Talk to people about keeping urban beehives and two things invariably come up as concerns. One is the belief that the bees will now flock to their picnic or patio barbecue. The other is a fear of swarms. The first one is a complete non-starter. The other is a periodic issue that is vastly overblown. […]

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