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Flying bee on lavender

Importation of U.S. Package Bees divisive among Canadian beekeepers

The deadline for public comment on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Risk Assessment on the importation of American package bees has now passed. But that hasn’t stopped the considerable commentary from beekeepers who are weighing in on both sides, who alternately find the CFIA “status quo” decision either specious and based on faulty science, or […]

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Elevator B, a 22-foot stainless steel tower built by University of Buffalo students for a survivor bee colony.

Stainless steel hive tower built in Buffalo, New York

A Langstroth hive it is not. An indulgence by a group of over-active, over-achieving architecture students, well, that’s more likely. I’m talking about a new “Elevator B” tower of polished stainless steel that students from the University of Buffalo have built for a survivor hive in an industrial part of the city.Here’s a CBC story […]

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Honey bee workers and queen from a colony at the USDA's Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, Md. Photo - Haraz N. Ghanbari,

Canada won’t adopt EU pesticide ban, new USDA-EPA report out on colony collapse

Canada has no plans right now to follow the European Commission’s decision to ban a class of pesticides it believes is responsible for the deaths of many honey bees. Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency said it already started a comprehensive review of three pesticides in the neonicotinoid class following last year’s accidental poisonings of […]

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Honey bee on a yellow Ohia Lehua blossom, at the Ulupalakua Ranch on Maui, Hawaii. Photo: Jeff Lee

Beekeeping challenges in Hawaii – A new series

Amanda and I have been in Hawaii for a week, ostensibly on holidays. But anyone who knows us also knows we couldn’t come here and not want to talk to the breeders, honey producers and researchers who are at the forefront of some of North America’s biggest changes in beekeeping. To say that Hawaii is […]

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Chinese beekeepers tending hives.

U.S. renews anti-dumping duties on Chinese honey but Canada not a target

The U.S. government has renewed its anti-dumping duties on honey originating from China. Meanwhile, the Canadian government appears satisfied that it is not being targeted by Chinese producers who want to tranship to Canada and relabel their product as “Canadian” in an effort to escape paying millions of dollars in tariffs. Last month the U.S. […]

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