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Honey bee on fllower

Bee deaths rise in Canada as lobbying to open border grows

We’re all waiting patiently for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s risk assessment on cross-border bee imports from the United States. The report, which will look at the level of risk associated with reopening the border to cheaper bee imports from the U.S., is supposedly undergoing peer review among scientists before being released for public comment. […]

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Pollen-carrying honey bee

More bee death in Ontario blamed on neonicotinoid pesticides

There’s been another rash of bee deaths in Ontario, where commercial beekeepers are on the ropes with losses of upwards of 85 per cent. The presence of neonicotinoid pesticides in dead bees collected from last year’s die-off triggered both a review by Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency and a more recent bee deaths investigation committee […]

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Kirk Webster, whose pioneering views on treatment-free bees are helping to influence beekeepers, shows his home-made division board feeder to  Axel Krause, right, a B.C. provincial bee inspector, and Jim Tunnell of Snohomish. Jeff Lee photo.

Kirk Webster on treatment-free beekeeping in Pacific Northwest

FOREST GROVE, OREGON – It’s a contrary argument for beekeepers wrestling with the greatest pest in they’ve ever faced to suggest that you should make the varroa mite your ally. But that’s exactly the argument Kirk Webster, the pioneering treatment-free beekeeper, made this weekend to a packed crowd. More than 100 beekeepers from all over […]

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Canada to decide on honey bee imports this fall

The federal government of Canada is about to begin consultations with Canadian beekeepers and professional apiculturists about whether it should re-open the Canada-U.S. border to the importation of American bee packages. This spring the Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced it would conduct another risk assessment study to determine if the conditions for keeping the border […]

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Honey bees pollinating a blueberry field

Lessons from our first blueberry pollination contract

We have just finished our first commercial blueberry pollination contract, an accidental affair that has left us both yearning for more and wary of this necessary side of beekeeping. On the one hand this was a perfect experience; we helped a partnership of four commercial growers at least partially satisfy their deep need for bees, […]

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Two Alberta honey producers fined for unregistered pest control

Two Alberta honey producers have been handed hefty fines for using unregistered pest control products in their beehives. This week Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency announced it had fined Russell Severson of Camrose, Alberta, $31,200 for using an unapproved amitraz-based insecticide, and Miedema Honey Farm Inc. of Barrhead, Alberta, $8,000 for using an unapproved […]

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One of Ash Apiaries' over-wintered bee yards in British Columbia. The Manitoba beekeper says it lost half of its 2,500 B.C. hives last winter. Jeff Lee photo.

Canada considering reopening border to U.S. package honey bees

A higher-than-expected loss of honey bees over the winter is causing Canada to reassess whether to open the U.S. border to the importation of packaged bees. On Wednesday the Canadian Food Inspection Agency notified provincial chief veterinary officers it is under pressure from commercial beekeepers to allow them to bring in U.S. packages after they […]

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First reported pesticide poisonings of bees in Ontario in 2013.

Gerry McKee, the chairman of the Canadian Honey Council, sent me a note late last night confirming the first reported bee kill this year from corn pesticides in Ontario. You will remember that last year 40 beekeepers with 200 bee yards weathered devastating losses after many of their hives were killed during corn seed planting […]

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