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Retrieving a swarm from the top of a holly bush in Vancouver required patience, a ladder, a banker's box and a neighbour's pruners for the many branches the branches surrounding the cluster. Photo: Amanda Goodman Lee

Lessons learned from our first bee swarm of the season

We caught our first swarm last week in Vancouver, under circumstances that, like everything in beekeeping, delivered us a wealth of information. With the strong warm weather of May and June and the lack of rain, most hives in the Metro area grew like stink. The week of rain in late June not only shortened […]

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Checking out the blackberry flowers, early June.  Photo Jeff Lee

Blackberry honey harvest in Metro Vancouver washes out

What started out as a promising spring bloom appears to be taking a left turn, leaving Metro Vancouver beekeepers with a challenge if they want their bees to be ready for winter. This spring’s glorious warm weather proved a boon for Lower Mainlanders, allowing for lots of divides and the opportunity for strong hives. Blueberries […]

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On mystery B.C. hive disease and California almonds

It’s heading on to mid-Feburary, and already there seems to be trouble brewing for beekeepers, not the least in California, where there is now a reported shortage of hives for the almond pollination season. In British Columbia, the situation is also a little confusing. Last week I filed a report to the B.C. Honey Producers […]

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