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Tim Monaghan and honey frame

Vancouver beekeepers record 250-pound honey hives

When we first started thinking about keeping bees, someone told a fantastical tale about hives in our neighborhood producing upwards of 200 lbs of honey. Two hundred pounds! Wow, what would we do with all that liquid gold? That figure seemed way out of line with recent B.C. government honey production estimates, which basically show […]

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Drone comb in a shotgun pattern

Murder, mayhem, mystery, suspense in the beehive. I killed the queen. Again.

We had our first official visit from the provincial government’s apiculture inspector this week, and one look into my hive officially confirmed that I’m a rookie. For the second time in as many weeks, I’ve managed to kill my queen. Or, more accurately, the cranky laying workers in my hive said “off with her head!” […]

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Honey label

Knowing where your honey comes from

Originally published July 17, 2011 by Amanda I saw a label in a beekeeping catalogue from Mann Lake recently that I think says so much about the importance of honey. We take for granted where our food comes from. But this label, which I will now stick to my jars, says so much in so […]

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An old-style straw skep

How to start keeping bees, sort of

Starting with bees is surprisingly easy. Technically, all you need is a box in which to keep them. But society, science and common sense have all worked together to bring in some basic rules that, when followed, will ensure your bees have the best chance of producing honey and you get along with your neighbours. […]

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First goes on the excluder, then the first super!

Honey Super Sunday, a milestone for Honey Bee Zen

Sunday was a big day for me. Since putting the nucleus colony of four frames into my hive on May 21st, I have watched as my bees have drawn out comb. The queen has been busy laying eggs and building a colony. In late June I added a second brood chamber, and watched as the […]

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Dandelions and honey bees: a reason not to weed.

Amanda: Not since I was five years old have dandelions meant so much to me. I can still see that bouquet of wilting heads on the windowsill in an empty Cheez Whiz jar. I later became ruthless in my dandelion destruction. I joined the host of other gardeners who have turned to whatever tool possible to […]

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Welcome to Honey Bee Zen

Welcome to Honey Bee Zen, our experiment in urban beekeeping. It’s a blog by two people, Amanda Goodman Lee and Jeff Lee. We want to tackle this blog as a primer for people who are interested in keeping bees but don’t know where to start. We’re the examples. In other words, by learning from our […]

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