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A sunny late-winter day in New Westminster and the crocuses are blooming, offering a rare early source of pollen for overwintered bees.  (Copyright: Jeff Lee)

B.C. honey producers begin to report high winter losses

Spring is around the corner, and at least in the Fraser Valley the crocuses and big leaf maples have started to bloom, offering some of the first pollen sources to overwintered bees. But this winter has been hard for some British Columbia beekeepers, with some reporting losses of more than 50 per cent, and not […]

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Bee smoker in full force. Photo credit: Sharon Lee

B.C. Beekeepers convention: update on mite research, honey producer rules

At this time of the year – at least in the Northern Hemisphere – most beekeepers have their bees safely tucked in bed, the honey house has been cleaned and stores of fresh honey have hopefully dwindled while bank accounts have been replenished. It’s time, then, for conferences, annual general meetings and education seminars. Last […]

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Phil and Lisa with Amanda and our two new hives. Note the QR code on the blue hive, which allows us to track information through the Internet.

Setting up new hives and awaiting our New Zealand imports

The plum tree next to our garage apiary burst into blossom this last week, just as we were putting the finishing touches to seven new hives that we’re putting up in three gardens near our home. Unfortunately, the wet weather has been making it difficult for the bees in our two existing hives to get […]

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The remnants of the colony in Amanda's once-strong hive. Frame upside down.

Two bee hives, two surprise stories this spring. Why we shouldn’t underestimate Mother Nature.

What a surprise we had when we opened up our two hives last week. First lesson: don’t ever underestimate Mother Nature. To recap, we went into the winter with one strong and one very weak hive. Amanda’s hive was booming strong; it produced some beautiful honey last year and we left it with a good […]

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VIDEO: Winning a losing game on bee stings

I’m beginning to not like this game of “who’s getting stung the most.” Maybe that’s because I’m winning a game I should surely want to lose. My wife Amanda and I have been playing this cheerful little game counting up the number of times we get stung when handling our respective beehives. Right now, the […]

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First goes on the excluder, then the first super!

Honey Super Sunday, a milestone for Honey Bee Zen

Sunday was a big day for me. Since putting the nucleus colony of four frames into my hive on May 21st, I have watched as my bees have drawn out comb. The queen has been busy laying eggs and building a colony. In late June I added a second brood chamber, and watched as the […]

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