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Stacked in offset directions these freshly-painted supers won't stick to each other very easily. Jeff Lee photo

Painting New Honey Supers For The Coming Season

It is barely spring here in the Creston Valley, and we’re just gearing up to go into pollination in the cherry orchards for which this place is famous. As I’d previously reported, we bought Swan Valley Honey last July and made the consequential leap of moving from the Vancouver area to Creston. As we wait […]

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Retrieving a swarm from the top of a holly bush in Vancouver required patience, a ladder, a banker's box and a neighbour's pruners for the many branches the branches surrounding the cluster. Photo: Amanda Goodman Lee

Lessons learned from our first bee swarm of the season

We caught our first swarm last week in Vancouver, under circumstances that, like everything in beekeeping, delivered us a wealth of information. With the strong warm weather of May and June and the lack of rain, most hives in the Metro area grew like stink. The week of rain in late June not only shortened […]

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The sweet reward, a frame of golden honey!

Our first honey production day, stings and all

We took our honey supers off Amanda’s hive on the weekend and learned some quick – and painful – lessons. The first one was: use bee escapes. Those are the simple little gadgets that you use when you want to clear a super of bees before removing it from the hive. I actually had bought […]

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Tim Monaghan and his tall hives

On high honey yields and B.C. Sugar’s sweet spot

Our post about high honey yields experienced by Tim Monaghan and John Mei prompted some questions about how others are doing right now. This morning I spoke to Paul van Westendorp, the provincial apiculturalist, who said some beekeepers are getting astonishing returns despite the so-so spring weather. He told me of a pair of newbies […]

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Tim Monaghan and honey frame

Vancouver beekeepers record 250-pound honey hives

When we first started thinking about keeping bees, someone told a fantastical tale about hives in our neighborhood producing upwards of 200 lbs of honey. Two hundred pounds! Wow, what would we do with all that liquid gold? That figure seemed way out of line with recent B.C. government honey production estimates, which basically show […]

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An old-style straw skep

How to start keeping bees, sort of

Starting with bees is surprisingly easy. Technically, all you need is a box in which to keep them. But society, science and common sense have all worked together to bring in some basic rules that, when followed, will ensure your bees have the best chance of producing honey and you get along with your neighbours. […]

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First goes on the excluder, then the first super!

Honey Super Sunday, a milestone for Honey Bee Zen

Sunday was a big day for me. Since putting the nucleus colony of four frames into my hive on May 21st, I have watched as my bees have drawn out comb. The queen has been busy laying eggs and building a colony. In late June I added a second brood chamber, and watched as the […]

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