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 Phorid fly larvae exiting a bee. Credit: John Hafernik

A new threat: parasitic fly turns honey bees into “Zombies”

As if bees and beekeepers didn’t have enough to contend with, such as varroa mites, nosema, American and European foulbrood and mysterious colony collapse disorder, now comes the concept honey bees are being turned into “zombies” by a fly parasite. US scientists discovered that – ast least in California and South Dakota – a fly […]

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B.C. a hotbed of research on beekeeping diseases

In research laboratories, commercial apiaries and even urban bee yards scientists and beekeepers have been trying to beat back the advance of some serious diseases and pests that threaten the honey bee. This isn’t some “rescue society” attempt to prevent the mistreatment of an insect, but rather a long view toward trying to save humanity. […]

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B.C. geneticists get funding for Varroa, Colony Collapse Disorder research in honey bees

Originally published August 17, 2011 in The Vancouver Sun. British Columbia academia’s well-deserved developing knowledge around life sciences is paying off again with new funding for a project to try and identify varroa-resistant strains of honey bees. B.C. is fast becoming a province where solutions to the problems of varroa and the mysterious phenomenon known […]

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Drone comb in a shotgun pattern

Murder, mayhem, mystery, suspense in the beehive. I killed the queen. Again.

We had our first official visit from the provincial government’s apiculture inspector this week, and one look into my hive officially confirmed that I’m a rookie. For the second time in as many weeks, I’ve managed to kill my queen. Or, more accurately, the cranky laying workers in my hive said “off with her head!” […]

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Is THAT a disease in my beehive?

Albert Einstein once said “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination … no more men!” No more men? There are times when women might wish for this when we’re picking up stinky socks, but I think […]

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Flying bee on lavender

Feed The Bees: a community effort to feed – and save – ourselves

After Saturday’s publication in The Vancouver Sun of our new Honey Bee Zen blog, I received a note from Ian Tait, an old Olympics friend who is now involved in an effort to help bees make it in this tough world of ours. It’s called Feed The Bees. Tait pointed me to this cooperative effort by the Delta Chamber of Commerce and Earthwise […]

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