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We boxed the swarm right off the roof of the condo building; it came off the tree to the right,  four storeys up from the street. Easy-peasy! Photo: Sharon Lee

Two colonies; from swarm heaven to flying hell

It is a spectacular thing to chase a massive swarm as it moves straight down the middle of a major street, all while people go about their business, unaware of what is going on overhead. Recovering that swarm from the top of a four-storey tree, as its branches, bent heavy with bees, bend over the […]

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A new type of “honey house” that even blows light bulbs

This has not been a terrific year for honey production, at least in our household. Cool weather in June, persistent problems with queen production and a few minor accidents have all reminded me of how grand plans sometimes  . . . cost a grand. And then there’s stories like the following one that make me […]

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