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Carniolan hybrid honey bee queen

Installing new honey bee queens from B.C.’s best breeders

We’re back right as rain, just as the rain hits. I managed to install new honey bee queens in a number of hives last night, fixing a self-inflicted problem that started when I de-queened the hives as part of an experiment in treating for mites. Stupid me, I then killed almost all of the banked […]

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Photo courtesy of http://www.bluesci.org/

Disaster strikes in our apiary, and his name is Jeff

The lessons we learn as beekeepers are supposed to help us. I recently made a catastrophic mistake that also cost us a bundle and lost us some very good queens. Like many beekeepers in British Columbia, we take our honey off around the middle of August. Anything the bees collect after that is meant for […]

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Checking out the blackberry flowers, early June.  Photo Jeff Lee

Blackberry honey harvest in Metro Vancouver washes out

What started out as a promising spring bloom appears to be taking a left turn, leaving Metro Vancouver beekeepers with a challenge if they want their bees to be ready for winter. This spring’s glorious warm weather proved a boon for Lower Mainlanders, allowing for lots of divides and the opportunity for strong hives. Blueberries […]

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Flying bee on lavender

Our new resources page for beekeepers

We finally got around to putting together a page of resources for beekeepers. It’s a relatively rudimentary effort so far, aimed mostly at British Columbian and Canadian beekeepers. But it also includes sites in the United States dedicated to bee breeding, how-to and sustainabie beekeeping. One of the more useful parts, for beekeepers in B.C., […]

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Honey bee on a yellow Ohia Lehua blossom, at the Ulupalakua Ranch on Maui, Hawaii. Photo: Jeff Lee

Beekeeping challenges in Hawaii – A new series

Amanda and I have been in Hawaii for a week, ostensibly on holidays. But anyone who knows us also knows we couldn’t come here and not want to talk to the breeders, honey producers and researchers who are at the forefront of some of North America’s biggest changes in beekeeping. To say that Hawaii is […]

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Beekeepers in Richmond, B.C. start effort to create a “locally adapted honey bee”

There is a new plan to try and develop a “local bee” in British Columbia’s Metro Vancouver area that takes advantage of hardiness of overwintering bees. Because of B.C.’s generally cool winter climate and historic industry standards, beekeepers generally have had to rely on importing packages and queens. At first, they came from the United […]

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