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An old-style straw skep

How to start keeping bees, sort of

Starting with bees is surprisingly easy. Technically, all you need is a box in which to keep them. But society, science and common sense have all worked together to bring in some basic rules that, when followed, will ensure your bees have the best chance of producing honey and you get along with your neighbours. […]

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Bee waggle dance

That sexy dance of the honey bee

Originally published July 10, 2011. I bet you didn’t know honey bees are sexy. It starts with a sultry swinging of the hips from side to side, then moving to a figure eight as the worker bee wags her bee-hind back and forth. Not since watching an episode of “Dancing with the Stars” have I […]

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Wasp on water

On swarming bees and mistaken picnic marauders

Talk to people about keeping urban beehives and two things invariably come up as concerns. One is the belief that the bees will now flock to their picnic or patio barbecue. The other is a fear of swarms. The first one is a complete non-starter. The other is a periodic issue that is vastly overblown. […]

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Honey bee landing on oregano flowers

Bees in the city: keep your neighbours happy

Most cities in North America at one time banned the keeping of bees on residential lots. In theory it made sense (but not good sense): people didn’t want insects flying around their heads, especially ones that could sting you. But in recent years, the pendulum has swung as urban stealth beekeepers who kept secret hives […]

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