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Stacked in offset directions these freshly-painted supers won't stick to each other very easily. Jeff Lee photo

Painting New Honey Supers For The Coming Season

It is barely spring here in the Creston Valley, and we’re just gearing up to go into pollination in the cherry orchards for which this place is famous. As I’d previously reported, we bought Swan Valley Honey last July and made the consequential leap of moving from the Vancouver area to Creston. As we wait […]

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Amanda out in one of our apiaries in Metro area. Where's the snow? Photo: Jeff Lee

Late-winter feeding of the bees as spring draws near

We spent much of the weekend out with the bees, making those important late-winter checks to see who had survived and who had not. Some are thriving. But not a few are struggling. What made this weekend both enjoyable and worrisome was the extraordinarily mild weather. February can be a tough month here, both rainy […]

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We made a simple syrup dispenser for our bee yards out of a small 12-volt pony pump, marine deep-cycle battery, garden hose and fittings. As long as you wash it out with hot water after use, it works like a charm! Photo: Jeff Lee

Build a sugar syrup pump for feeding the bees

When we first started out beekeeping with two hives, we didn’t need anything to feed other than a bucket, some sugar and a couple of in-frame feeders. These, of course, were for those necessary periods in the fall, winter and early spring when forage isn’t around. If you had told me that we would eventually […]

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Carniolan hybrid honey bee queen

Installing new honey bee queens from B.C.’s best breeders

We’re back right as rain, just as the rain hits. I managed to install new honey bee queens in a number of hives last night, fixing a self-inflicted problem that started when I de-queened the hives as part of an experiment in treating for mites. Stupid me, I then killed almost all of the banked […]

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A small honey bee apiary

On farm status for beekeepers and tax assessments

There isn’t a day when I am talking to people about bees that they don’t say something like “is it true that honey bees are dying off, or that they are in trouble?” I usually take the time to explain the considerable problems facing beekeepers today: varroa mites, pesticides, monoculture crops and an agriculture industry […]

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Bee drinking water out of depression in an old brick. Photo copyright Jeff Lee

On wintering, requeening and being back in the saddle

I’ve been offline for some time dealing with a number of domestic issues, not the least of which is an aging and ailing mother. But of course, the bees never let you forget that they too need attention, if only to offer a diversion, and to deliver yet another lesson in the long line of […]

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Abbotsford beekeeper loses $100,000 worth of bees, honey

An Abbotsford bee-keeper says he is out nearly $100,000 after someone stole 48 hives packed full of honey this month. The hives contained as many as 500,000 honey bees and honey waiting to be removed and processed next month. Abbotsford Police Const. Ian MacDonald said the bee-keeper noticed the theft on July 26 after he […]

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Beekeepers in Richmond, B.C. start effort to create a “locally adapted honey bee”

There is a new plan to try and develop a “local bee” in British Columbia’s Metro Vancouver area that takes advantage of hardiness of overwintering bees. Because of B.C.’s generally cool winter climate and historic industry standards, beekeepers generally have had to rely on importing packages and queens. At first, they came from the United […]

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