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Our new resources page for beekeepers

We finally got around to putting together a page of resources for beekeepers. It’s a relatively rudimentary effort so far, aimed mostly at British Columbian and Canadian beekeepers. But it also includes sites in the United States dedicated to bee breeding, how-to and sustainabie beekeeping.
One of the more useful parts, for beekeepers in B.C., is links to the various municipal beekeeping bylaws in the Metro Vancouver area.
We’ll add resources as we go along, and we expect to also add pages dedicated to bee breeding, recipes and DIY hive construction.
For now, here’s the table of contents on the resources page:

  1. British Columbia links
  2. Local B.C. bylaws and regulations 
  3. Other Provincial and Federal Associations
  4. Provincial and Federal government sites
  5. Education and Research
  6. Beehive management programs and software
  7. Bees, Packages, Nucs
  8. Equipment Suppliers
  9. Publications
  10. Other Research and Organizations
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