Michael Bush, the Practical Beekeeper, will give a talk in Vancouver, B.C. on Oct. 18, sponsored by the Richmoind Beekeepers Association. Photo credit: Youtube.com

Michael Bush, the Practical Beekeeper, to give seminar in Vancouver Oct. 18

Michael Bush, the Nebraska beekeeper and author of such useful books as “The Practical Beekeeper” and “Beekeeping Naturally” will be in Vancouver next month.

Regularly sought for his knowledge and simple ways of dealing with honey bees, Bush has also made something of a business of reproducing out-of-print publications from early beekeepers, such as Francis Huber, Frank Pellett and Jay Smith.

The Richmond Beekeepers Association, the primary bee club for Metro Vancouver, has arranged for Bush to give a one-day seminar on beekeeping on Oct. 18 at the Pacific National Exhibition.

Therein lies both the good news and the bad news. The good news is he is coming, and the news that he will be here has sparked a mad rush for tickets. The bad news, of course, is that the event is almost completely sold out and as of this week the RBA is now putting people on a wait-list.

The club initially planned to limit attendance to 100 people. But as of Tuesday, it had already received commitments from 92. With the event continuing to be advertised by word of mouth and through the club, the executive is facing a difficult challenge. It has considered adding another 25 seats, but is now holding fire while it sees how many registrations come in through the mail.

Whatever happens, it’s clear that there is a high demand to listen to Bush dispense his famously straight-forward advice. He is a prolific poster to beesource.com, where I often enjoy his common-sense ideas.

At the RBA meeting I made an error in telling people that Amanda and I and a few others had listened to him last year at a treatment-free beekeeping conference in Oregon. That, in fact, was Kirk Webster. If you have seen either grey-haired, bearded men, you might excuse my mistake. I am not sure who I should apologize to for gthe mixup; Bush or Webster, or both.

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