A mockup of our stand at EAT! Vancouver's show this weekend at BC Place. Yes, I know the labels are crooked and the background is cluttered. Just wanted to see how some of it comes together. Photo: Jeff Lee

It’s move-in day for Honey Bee Zen at EAT! Vancouver

It’s move-in day for our booth at this weekend’s EAT! Vancouver food + cooking festival. The event opens Friday at BC Place and goes until Sunday. It will feature an amazing array of chefs and foods. I found this interesting interview with Edible Canada’s Eric Pateman about the Canadian Artisanal Foods Pavilion, which he’s sponsored and where we’re located.

I don’t think Amanda or I got very much sleep last night; although all the honey has long since been bottled, labelled and cased, we’re nervous wrecks.

The new display cases still smells faintly of the 30-year-old mahogany varnish I found in the workshop; it was an unopened can my father had carefully kept for a special occasion that never came. At least not in his lifetime. I couldn’t think of a better reason to use it than our first honey show.

In the front room of our house, which doubles for a display and assembly area, the honey is stacked high against the wall. Boxes of materials and supplies sit on the floor. The new tall pull-up banner, with its rich dark blue sky and honeycomb gold bottom, leans against another wall. A checklist has been gone over twice, three, oh, four times. All in the space of an hour or two.

We’re on our way out to Abbotsford early this morning to pick up the newly monogrammed shirts we ordered. They have our stylized “Honey Bee Zen” across the left breasts.

We’re a pair, Amanda and I, and we are in sync in so many ways. But in fashion, we are certainly different. I don’t look good in a dress.

At the show, look for us wearing two different styles; Amanda likes the polo shirts. I’m definitely a buttons kinda guy.

In the end, however, it doesn’t really matter. What does, of course, is the honey. And if you show up over the weekend at EAT! Vancouver, look for us. We’re in the Canadian Artisanal Foods Pavilion sponsored by the good folks over at Edible Canada.

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